Camp Discovery

In an effort to protect our Discovery campers, Camp Discovery 2020 has been rescheduled for 2021.

[+] Camp Discovery is a free weekend respite camp for children (ages 13-22) with intellectual disabilities. Camp Discovery will be held on the grounds of Woodland at our Heritage Camp on July 23-25 2021. This overnight residential program will provide the opportunity for students to enjoy traditional camp activities in a fun environment and will be led by certified professionals and trained volunteers. Children age 13-22, who haven't yet graduated high school, are welcome to apply. 

The individuals who will participate in this camp program will have varying types of intellectual disabilities. These students could have medical diagnoses of down syndrome, cerebral palsy, chromosomal abnormalities, and/or Traumatic Brain injuries. Children with these types of disabilities can also have speech impairments, visual impairments, hearing impairments, and physical limitations, as well as being cognitively delayed. These students need assistance with critical thinking, reasoning, and behavior management. They also have deficits in every day life skills. 

For full information visit

Camp Discovery @ Woodland Camp

90 Woodland Camp Rd. 

Temple, GA 30179