Summer Camp FAQ for Parents

- My child is finishing 5th grade and will enter 6th grade in the fall; does he go to a 5th or 6th grade camp? 

Program grade levels are based on the grade your child will enter in the fall. If your child is finishing 5th grade, he can register for Pre-Teen Camp (rising 4th-6th graders).

- My child is finishing 5th grade; can he still go to a Junior Camp (rising 3rd-5th graders)? 

Woodland's Child Protection System creates grade specific requirements for each program. This policy helps the Program Directors as they plan and implement their program. It also serves as one of the defense systems we have put in place to help us control "bullying." Children must attend a program that corresponds to the grade they will enter in the fall. For example, a child entering 6th grade in the fall (just finishing 5th grade) can only attend Pre-Teen Camp. 

- My child is going into 3rd grade in the fall; can he attend a First Timer or Junior Camp? 

Rising 3rd graders can attend a First Timer Camp or a Junior Camp. First Timer programs offer a 2-night experience; Junior programs offer 3-nights. Junior campers will do slightly different activities than First Timers (i.e. pedal karts, putt-putt golf, etc.). 

- My child has diagnosed food allergies. How can Woodland accommodate his/her needs? 

Manufacturers don't list all food ingredients on our packaging, so we err on the side of safety. Campers with food allergies can bring additional items to supplement with our [+] 2023 menu. 

[+] 2023 Food Allergy Menu - Due to supply chain issues, distributors may substitute items. While we have specifically chosen the items listed in the allergy menu, we cannot guarantee that we will receive that precise item. If there is any question of doubt, please bring substitute item(s) for your child. 

Guests with food allergies will have access to a refrigerator/freezer and microwave in the dining room. All food should be stored in a bag/container and labeled with your child's name and program (i.e. Middle School 1).
[Please include full details of your child's diagnosis under the Food Allergy section of the registration. If your child has severe allergies, a member of our kitchen staff may contact you.] 

- Can I add Camp Store funds to my child's account after I've submitted the registration? 
Parents may add funds during or after registration by logging into the on-line registration website ( View the current season's registration, scroll down to Camp Store, and "add a deposit."

- Can my child request to stay with a specific friend in his/her cabin?

Yes! You can provide 1-2 'bunkmate requests' on the registration form. We will do our absolute best to honor those requests and will contact you the week before camp if we have any difficulties doing so (extremely rare). 

- What are the differences between each of your programs? 

Our programs are led by volunteer Program Directors, so each program will be a little different -- different dates, theme, activities, staff, and sometimes the facility itself. Each program is unique! 

- What kind of activities will my child participate in at camp? Please refer to our [+] Summer Camp page for a full list of activities listed by grade level. 

- What should my child bring to camp? (detailed list can be found on the Parent's Guide to Camp)

  • Bible
  • Twin size bedding & pillow
  • Toiletries (shampoo, soap, etc.) 
  • Towel & washcloth
  • Sports wear & tennis shoes
  • Pajamas
  • Swimsuit, flip flops, & beach towel
  • Bag for dirty clothes
  • Prescriptions/Medications taken regularly (All medicine should be in the original container & must be given to the First Aid Tech at Check-In.) 
  • Spending money (Camp Store & Mission offering) 
  • Canteen money (High School campers only) 

- Does my child need to bring spending money? 

Canteen money for snacks has been included in the registration total for 1st-8th grade camps. High school campers need to bring money for Canteen (average $15-$20 per week). The only remaining money needed for all campers will be for merchandise purchases at the Camp Store and mission offering. For full information on the current Summer Mission Project, visit our Summer Mission page. View all available Woodland merchandise at the [+] Camp Store

- I registered my child months ago. Will I receive any additional information before my child's camp?

Yes! A few days before your child's program, you will receive an email from us. This email will include health screening and medication authorization forms, as well as a reminder of your drop-off and pick-up times/locations. Bringing the completed paperwork will save time at check-in, but we will have blank forms on-site if you don't have access to a printer. 

- What should my child wear while at camp? 

Sports wear is the most common type of dress for camp. In swimming, if modesty is questioned, please have a t-shirt to wear over the suit. The standards of the world are not the standards of Woodland in matters of dress. 

- How can I send a Care Package to my child? 

Care Packages for your camper are available for purchase at onsite Check-In, as well as online. Start your Care Package with a Woodland tote bag, choose your merchandise items, include your personalized note, and we take care of the rest! Our staff will assemble and deliver the Care Package on the day of your choice. Care Packages start at $5. View all merchandise on our [+] Camp Store

- Can I send mail to my child?

Woodland has joined forces with [+] Bunk1 to offer secure and easy one-way Camper Email. Emails will be delivered daily with the mail. Detailed instructions can be found on page 5 of our [+] Parent's Guide to Camp. When mailing letters/packages to campers, please include the following: Name of Camper / Event Name (i.e. Junior 1) 90 Woodland Camp Rd. Temple, GA 30179

- Can my child bring his/her cell phone? 

We discourage your child from bringing his/her cell phone to camp to avoid distraction and interference with the program. Elementary and Middle School aged campers should not bring cell phones. High Schoolers may only use their phones in the cabin at designated times, but are discouraged from bringing it. 

- My child is a picky eater. Can he/she bring snacks? 

Campers receive three meals per day and are served a snack twice-a-day at Canteen. As such, we discourage food inside the cabins in order to maintain a clean environment. Because of limited storage, the refrigerator in the Dining Room is reserved for guests with food allergies. We offer a salad bar at every lunch & dinner. 

- What time does camp start and end? 

You can view the start/end times of each program on our [+] Summer Camp Schedule page. All camps end at 11:30AM with camper pickup. 

- Is it okay to bring our dog when checking in or picking up our child? 

Because of health codes and possible medical allergies of other guests, Woodland has a no pet policy, so please leave your favorite furry creatures at home. 

- Can I visit my child while at camp? 

Visitors are highly discouraged from camp. If a visitation is imperative, please call the Camp Office. Visitors must check in at the Office immediately upon arrival. The camp is not open to the public, especially during Summer Programs. 

- My children will be on-site at the same time, but are attending different programs. Will they see each other? 

Campers attending different programs may see each other in passing between activities, but will stay in separate facilities. 

- Can a friend or relative pick up my child? 

1st - 8th grade campers must be checked out before they can leave camp. You will create a 4 digit security pin number when registering your child. This number will be printed on your Registration Confirmation. During the registration process, you will also provide a list of eligible adults who have authorization to pickup your child. These two security measures will be used during camper checkout. If pickup plans change while your child is at camp, please call the Camp Office so we can notify your child. If you need to alter the list of adults eligible to pickup your child, please call the Camp Office prior to the pickup day. (You can return the registration site at any time (login) and access your confirmation which will include your pin number.)